Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Y oh Why?

I could save this one for tomorrow, but I have some time on my hands and it may take me until tomorrow to finish this one. Khadra oh so sweetly (I am not thinking mean negative thoughts about Khadra – I am thinking them about the random generator she used) assigned me the letter Y for this particular meme. I am supposed to name 10 of my favorite things that begin with the letter Y.

1. Yellow (Ok this is so easy) By far one of my favorite colors. Not to wear, but to have around me. If my husband was more of a pushover we would have it in every room of the house once we buy one.

Yep – already stumped. So forgive me if I use some creative license. This is my blog. I can do whatever I want right?

2. Yak – Yak you say? Really Junita how do you justify yak as one of your favorites? Well I love Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Besides being easy on the eye – his willingness to try foods from every region of the world is mind boggling. One of my favorite episodes is where he goes to Tibet and samples some Yak milk and meat. YUM!

3. YMCA – One of
Monkey's my favorite songs and dances to sing and make Monkey do. He does giggle every time. It is also quite fun at weddings and other group events.

4. Yen – not because I love money – but I love the movie Lost in Translation. It is set in Tokyo. Yen is the currency for Japan. (This is almost, not quite fun)

5. Young – is how I feel most days, but five is the numbers of years my husband will always be younger than me.

6. Yams – love them in most shape and forms.

7. Yalta – I haven't been to this region of Europe and while I very just now researched it – I think it looks lovely!

8. Yaffle – my brand new very favorite animal! I mean c'mon what isn't there to like about a yaffle? It's a fun word to say too! (In case you don't know a yaffle is a European green woodpecker)

9. Yuk! What I say the most when Monkey goes poop. I say yuk a lot. I am almost sure this will be one of his first words. Except it will rhyme with yuk and start with a F because his parents daddy has the worse potty mouth in the planet.

10. Yo-baby - Monkey's favorite meal in the planet. I have never seen yogurt consumed so quickly. If there were a baby speed eating contest he would win, hands down.

Thank goodness I am done. Seriously I didn't even know 10 words that started with Y when I began!


Khadra said...

I am laughing so hard at this! that is too funny!! Ok Y sucks.

Yaffle? really???

Aubrey said...

Oh noooo! When I read Khadra gave you a 'Y', I HAD to come over to see what you came up with.
Great list!!

Flea's Thoughts said...

I could not have come up with that many "y" words.....wowzer :)