Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Can you believe in just two short weeks we will be gorging on pie and turkey? In just six weeks we will watch our children shriek in delight (we hope) as they tear through their gifts. In just eight weeks we will great a new year. Where has this year gone? I find it baffling to think of the changes I have encountered this year. Really in just the past six months. It's bind boggling really. Today I devote to the reasons I am thankful for them.

I am thankful for Monkey. Seriously how can one not just appreciate this face

  • When I say he was our surprise, he really was. My husband was snipped. Hubby never went back for his VERY important follow-up exam. He apparently had some strong swimmers and I became pregnant last year in March. I lost that baby in May. We call her The Seahorse. It was awful. In July and August I began feeling awful - ALL the time. I took several pregnancy tests and they were all negative. In September I started bleeding at work. Not just a trickle - it was a flood. In my BIG BIG boss's office. (BTW he is a middle eastern man - he was never able to look at me the same) At my OB's office the next day in the sonogram chair the tech said, well, it looks like a baby in there. You are probably about 14 weeks. And low and behold a very happy and healthy Monkey came in April. I am thankful every day. We are going to try for one more next year.

  • I am thankful for my marriage. I was far too young with my first husband. We are good friends now, but we just didn't have the maturity to handle a marriage and a child. Husband number two is entirely different. He is very supportive and strives to support me. He honestly cares for Delicate Flower like his own son. He is a sucker for Monkey. He loves his own mom. He has his faults and I don't need to publicly bring those out. Suffice to say I am happy in my marriage and in love with my husband.

Ok - that is enough for now. I think most people should be so thankful. What are you thankful for?


Khadra said...

aww what a nice post. Im sorry about your miscarriage.
The picture of Monkey made me smile! He is a cutie :)

Im thankful for my kids and husband as well. Im thankful for my husband's job, cars to drive, a house to live in, etc. I realize that so many people around the world truly have nothing, so I am thankful for the little that we do have.

Even if I am envious sometimes of people who seem to have it all!

Khadra said...

ohh and Im on marriage two as well. My ex and I didnt have kids together (which I am now thankful for) but there is a HUGE difference in the men I chose and even the way I behave in this relationship compared to the first one.

I SO hope my kids dont get married really young!

Heidi said...

I think you have a lot to be thankful for. Very sweet post. And that picture.!

Flea's Thoughts said...

I am thankful you are my friend :)

What a great pic of Monkey :)