Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ghost writer position now open

I wasn't one for keeping a diary when I was younger. Don't get me wrong, I had my fair share of REALLY bad poetry attempts and short story attempts. Most stories involved me marrying Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran after he rescued me on the beach or I won some sort of concert lottery and he fell head over heals in love with me after serenading me on stage. So I know I have an imagination of sorts. What I don't have is an ability to write organically about day to day facts. Conversations kill me. And honestly I wonder who really cares? I know I had this whole tribute last week to the reason I blog; for me, Monkey, and memories. But what do you do when you suck at writing a memoir? Do people have ghost writers for their blogs? Can I have an auto-blogography? (Or would it be blogography? I always get those mixed up.) I know that is why I love memes. I know that is why I love the theme days. I suppose it is a matter of practice. I can always think of cute catchy titles. But part of me starts to panic when I think of an entire paragraph related to that title. I've only been blogging for two months! Already the ADD is setting in! I feel like I need an Adderal and a Xanax just to get through. What do you do to keep your blog fresh? How do you sharpen your writing skills and turn every day events into page clicking antics? Outside of adopting 20 small children I am a little at a loss. Or maybe I am over thinking as always. Because look - I just managed to write an entire blog about how I can't write. Genius, sheer genius.


Khadra said...

if you write it, it is an auto-blogography.

I like meme's too. Maybe we should create our own and pass them around LOL!

CityMom, CountryMom said...

Firt of all, forget the ghost writer, life will provide you with topics (both good and bad)! Second, anyone who admitted to their Duran Duran stage, is a friend of mine (and maybe as old as me?) I was going to marry Simon le Bon and yes, me and my friends once baked him a cake and went outside dancing around to the song The Reflex with sparklers in our hands! Beat that!
Oh and I'm a misplaced east coast girl living in the midwest (aren't we all misplaced somehow?)
CountryMom (Suzanne)

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Tooooo funny! I was wanting Roger, the drummer!

M ^..^

CityMom, CountryMom said...

Okay, I'm back, it would help if I could spell (I meant to say "First" of all...)
Secondly, I found this blog that helps prompt your writing:
Thought of you!
CountryMom (Suzanne)

Junita said...

Suzanne - thank you! And I am glad and proud to know my DD Love was shared! My antics involving my love for them alone could probably be its own blog
OC Cottage - I covet your craftiness!
Khadra - Meme it up!

Karin Katherine said...

ah, Duran Duran....memories.

Khadra said...

I need a meme today. Im at a loss!!!

NJDecorator said...

Thank goodness for losing my job and going on vacation - give me many, many topics.

Life can help on occasion - and pictures are a great filler.