Monday, February 16, 2009

Not me! Monday!

What a week! I have several mentions to return, but I love Not Me! Mondays. This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

  • Monkey would never have turned 10 months old today. His milestones are never a little bitter sweet; his beloved Nana has been gone for four months now.

  • Our sweet little Monkey couldn't have been diagnosed with a mild case of bronchitis. If that was true, then it would have been our placid baby that has been acting like an absolute maniac from the steroids. That also means it could have been my charming baby that crawled so fast he has carpet burns. That also means it was Monkey that proceeded to taste and fling his laundry around the entire living room.

  • It wasn't me that sent a couple of mean texts after a few glasses of wine. I am not still contemplating how to patent a sobriety check point for cell phones.

  • My husband certainly didn't bring me lilies and Lush products. I know for a fact that it wasn't us that enjoyed a Valentine's lunch at PF Changs. If that was the case then it was Monkey who ate his first Chinese food and methodically ate rice grain by grain.

  • Oh and I know it's not me that talks or blogs about Monkey all the time, and I know he didn't make a miraculous recovery at the ER. He was not acting like a dying seal right before the ER doctor came in. The ER doctor did not look at my husband and I like we were crazy people and make a statement like this "I'll step outside and see if I can hear him make the same cough you mentioned."

  • And not that I like to mention Delicate Flower from time to time, but he certainly didn't give a girl a flower for Valentine's day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Following Followers

I am truly delighted to have followers. The fact that they are not all family makes it even better! I thought I would use this post to recognize my followers! Plus this forces me to really see who you are! I also know I don't comment enough, so this is my bulk version.

Emily The Creative is fun. She and I share April babies. Her doesn't sleep either! She also has a couple other munchkins at home that are always making her crazy and providing lots of material.

Khadra is my first blog friend. She has multiple children at home and is known to be a little grumpy! I know she feels defined by her children, but I think its a front. I like to think of Khadra as an onion, there is definitely a lot to her. She also makes gorgeous jewelry.

Following Him is sweet and honest. She is absolute in her morals and belief. I wish more young girls had her convictions.

Heidi makes me laugh on a regular basis. I would think her fake, but no one can make this stuff up. Be sure to read the loving letter to her son!

Jenners has multiple blogs, and I discovered her on Find Your Next Book Here. She's not just another SAHM, she is well informed and an excellent writer.

Ok - so I just this very second looked at Mistika's blog. As a Colombian married to an Egyptian she is culturally rich and I love how her blog is written to her two adorable girls. I will be checking in on her regularly.

Pam lives in the prettiest country I have ever seen. I love when she posts stories and pictures about life in a small town in Canada.

Corrine is a voracious blogger with a talent for photography. Another mom with MSC (Many small children - ok here is the truth - I would love to have MSC. I love reading blogs by moms with many children at home. I wish I had Irish twins! I regret I didn't decide this until I was 37...more on this later, this is suppose to be about my fans supporters. ) Her blog is completely random and entertaining. I have a hard time understanding why she doesn't like to shop and I admire her convictions.

Live and Learn the Hard Way is an inspiration. I think anyone would enjoy following her new romance and supporting her sobriety.

Hurricane Heather is genius. No, really she is one. Sooo funny! Read her, read her daily!

Elisabeth another random writer that shares the interesting thoughts and happenings around her. A true Daddy's girl and a mother of three, she shares her life openly.

One Anxious Mommy is my newest addition. We share red headed babies and a tendency to be overly anxious.

Wow - I am glad I did this! The blogging world truly allows new connections. Do you know or follow your followers? Feel free to share.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sleepy Monkey

Monkey has been terribly sick. It's difficult to determine if he is going for dying seal or miserable kitten. It depends on where Mommy is. He also has been doing a passable duck but I digress.

We are in our third month of trying to convince him that his room is not evil nor does his crib burn him when he touches it. I have been unable to find 600 thread count sheets while I try to make his room feel just like Mommy and Daddy's room.

It just figures - last night I worked until midnight and had to get up to be back at 5:30am (yeah the glamour - I know you are jealous) - so of course I didn't get any sleep. Monkey decided that would be the perfect night to sleep almost the whole night through!
He stole my pillow too.
I'm not bitter at all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday or a break has done me good

Oh jeez – I took a little blogcation (yes I am fully aware that isn’t a real word) accidentally on purpose. Thank you to everyone that expressed concern. I had been feeling a little overwhelmed and frankly a little sick of computers. I use one all day, by the time I get home I just didn’t have the energy to blog or read and comment on blogs. Work has been busier, or maybe I have just been working harder, but I just didn’t have the spare time there either. Anyway, explanations aside, I am back. You can be sure that while there are several things that I didn’t do, I just so happen to be close personal friends with the girl that did!

  • It was not me that has lost 12 ponds on Nutrisystem. It certainly isn’t me that has been filming her commercial in her head and quitting her job to become a full time spokesperson. And I never was able to pull off my double digit jeans without even unbuttoning them!

  • It isn’t Monkey that has been at least starting off the night in his crib. He does not wail like he is being pinched when we go in his room. My Monkey is a sleep expert!

  • It also wasn’t Monkey that acted like he was a dying seal all weekend, only to perk up the minute the Dr. examined him at the ER at 6:30 this morning. My husband and I didn’t feel like complete overreacting idiots. I would love to say that we at left with a prescription to validate our concerns, but not us.

  • Monkey never inhaled a piece of cinnamon toast like it was crack. He also hasn’t been found to be hoarding food in his chair. I never watched him throw a fit after I took away a little less than new banana. I am not completely concerned that his tantrums have been occurring with increasing frequency!

  • I would never be completely preoccupied with our 9 month old, so I don’t know whose baby can now wave and stand!

  • And just to let you know that even though we occasionally pay attention to Delicate Flower, it doesn’t matter, because it certainly wasn’t him that has been raising his failing grades to passing grades. Ah the miracle of actually turning in homework!

What haven’t you been up to lately? Not me! Monday was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.