Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monkey Fever

Oh it was bound to happen. I nursed for as long as possible to give the best antigens and they finally ran out. ( I know that isn't how it works) Monkey had his first fever yesterday, 102.7. YIKES! Mommy panic set in. Delicate Flower hardly ever gets sick and given he hasn't been a baby for 13 years I have forgotten all the skills. Monkey was eating fine (if he had turned away from a meal we would be at emergency.) He was still giggling, but was a little less active than normal. He certainly was less monkeyish. We went to the Dr. today and indeed he has a sinus infection. No ear infection thankfully. So we are home sick today.
The boys (my cats) are thrilled.

I feel this is good practice for my future role of SAHM. If we have another baby I am so applying for this job. I know - it's probably easy the first day. For those of you that are SAHM, do you love it? Would you trade it? Do you plan on going back to work when your little ones are older? What was the deciding factor to stay home?


Khadra said...

Sorry about your sick baby :(
Im sick, Max is sick, and Gage is sick. this sucks!!!

SAHM, hmmmm, well I dont think I could hold a normal job now because Im used to having my own schedule. I have mixed emotions. I love that the kids are always with one of us, and I love that Im not missing anything, but there are many days where I SO wish I was a working mom so I could get away!!! Im pretty sure both working or staying at home have some good and bad points.

Flea's Thoughts said...

Poor Monkey!!!

I hope he is feeling better by now :)