Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Who is that baby?

You guessed it! The MONKEY!!!!! He loves playing with the baby in the mirror. He is constantly looking on the other side to find him. I can not believe is going to be 1 next week. This year has flown by. We have so many things to be grateful for, and yet one thing to be so sad about that it still occupies mt thoughts on a daily basis. I am so pleased to have blessings like Monkey and my husband in my life right now. This year has been HARD. I would prefer to not repeat events in this year. I am working on not being overwhelmed by anxiety on a daily basis.
On a positive note one of my dads came to visit. He was here for a month and we had a fabulous time. (I have 2 - long story) We'll call this one Sixbangr since he like to drag race. He met my mom when I was about 2 and after they got married, he adopted me. They were unable to make the marriage work, and divorced when I was about 5. He continued in the role of my father. I think most men would have walked away from the situation, but I learned loyalty and family values from my dad. He was my rock when my mom was a wreck. He has always been there for me. One year the transmission went out on my car when I was living in Reno. My dad and grandpa hauled a jeep from Denver, loaded with care packages, and took my car back to Denver to overhaul. (That is just one of many examples) Not many dads do that. Not many people do that.
So I digress - I mean to just post a quick blurb about Monkey, but I always do that. I am missing my daddy today. I know he reads my blog, so I thought I would give him a little sneak attack tribute.