Friday, November 7, 2008

Tag - I'm it

Khadra at Crab Goggles tagged me. After I took her name in vain, I realized it gave me a subject and actually thought it wouldn't be so bad. And given she is one of my only readers, I didn't want to piss her off. hehe - So 7 things you never knew about me. Actually 7 things most people don't know about me -

1. I listen to Howard Stern every morning. I realize most women in my demographic shake their head at the horror but I find him funny and not as crass as you would think. He is excellent at interviews, surprisingly sympathetic, and 100% human. When I don't like what he says, I turn the channel.

2. I lived by myself when I was 11. In a bus. On a commune. So yes there were other grown-ups in the vicinity, but it was up to me to get up, eat, go to school, to do all those things that 11yr olds are meant to do. My mom would stop by occasionally to drop off food and check-in. She was suffering from some drug problems at the time. I honestly think I was better off.

3. I went to 14 different schools. No we weren't in the military. I used to make up extravagant stories to explain why I was coming in mid-year. Like I was coming off the musical tour of Annie, or we were Italian royalty, I was often believed.

4. I am terrified of f-r-o-g-s. To the point that I don't even like to say the word, I spell it.

5. I managed a shoe store for 6 years. I still love shoes. I have over 100 pairs. Since Monkey most of them do not fit and I can only wear 3 or 4 pair. Someone with a size 8 will probably be a lucky woman some day.

6. I never met my real father. When my mom finally gave me the information and I was able to look him up I found out he had died several years earlier. I was able to connect with his sister and we do talk occasionally. I look just like him.

7. I am Irish on both sides of my family, for many generations, on both of their sides. I finally broke the chain- Delicate Flower is Irish and Mexican. Monkey is Irish, German, and English.

I won't tag anyone. I will save that for later. That was fun though!


Khadra said...

yeah, you dont want to mess with me! HA!

The commune stuff sounds really interesting. Id love to read more about it. You should post about it sometime.

Flea's Thoughts said...

Howard Stern really? Just teasing ya but I did not know that about you :)

I want a post about Okie this weekend?