Friday, October 3, 2008

Pumkin Pie Makes Me Happy

I know I have an addiction to pumpkin pie spice latte when
a) I spend 20 minutes in line waiting to order
b) I spend $5 on one
c) I allocate 7 points for the consumption of one(Let me put that in perspective – I can have a soup and ½ a sandwich for 7 points, I only have(only haha) I have 29 points a day)
I don’t understand the addiction. I can’t seem to overcome it. I wait for them every year. Honestly – it bleeds into all things pumpkin flavored and colored for that matter. I dress Monkey in orange. I have an Orange rug in my living room. I don’t mind rooting for UT for LOML because I like the jersey. I think if I could I would paint myself with filling, add some cinnamon, and call it a happy day.


Flea's Thoughts said...

hehe about time you got back :)

I like it!!!!

Oh and my Starbucks really bad choice is a non-fat, no water, 7 pump chai. It is very bad but very good :)

Willbe said...

Gotta agree with you. That Latte is fab and I also like their pumpkin muffins filled with a creamy middle or if thier out of those a pumpkin loaf will do well too. Damn glad Im not the only one :D