Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Home at last

I've been meaning to start a blog for some time. I have my MySpace surveys, but I don't think those really count. I decided to have a baby, get married, change jobs, and move - all in the course of a year. I felt like I really needed to get all my life changes done in one year. My co-workers are starting to glaze over at the mention of the baby - I really need a place I can journal to my hearts content. My husband does also make me cazy from time to time. No to mention my naughty kitties. Oh yes, and my 13 yr old. Plus my weight loss struggle, my real wedding plans, and my obsession with anything on Bravo. Oh- I'm a little ADHD too. I'm worn out all ready!


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! It seems you've reached "Adulthood". Congradulations! I've been fighting it for a long time now... May I suggest a glass of "Sangiovese", and a "fire" of any kind (be it indoor or outdoor). Go to the nearest Fireside lounge if you have to. We just dug a lovely pit in the backyard and it changes evrything!