Monday, October 27, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

It’s hard to believe how quickly Mondays come. At least MckMama makes them a little more enjoyable with her “Not Me!” Monday carnival.

  • I was not crushed when I missed last weeks “Not Me!”. That would be silly to think I put any energy in my blog. Besides last weeks was very depressing and it is probably better that I did not share.

  • I did not spend $4 on 4 tomatoes. That would be a excessive. Especially if you consider I am the only person at home that eats tomatoes. I also did not consume all four tomatoes on my favorite meal of eggplant, parmesan, basil, and tomato. (Bake at 400 for 20 minutes.) That would be glutinous.

  • I have not cried every other hour. I am not still completely crushed and contemplating putting a ticker for the supposed year of grief that one is supposed to take. I am not convinced that would make me feel better. I also did not completely dissolve into tears last night when Monkey took his first “crawl” because I could not call my mom and tell her.

  • I did not feel a little guilty that we had a nice day at the pumpkin patch and farmers market.

  • Monkey did not eat his macaroni and cheese in about two seconds flat the other day. That would admit that he was as equally as glutinous as his momma.

  • Monkey has not outgrown his infant car seat at six months old. He does not weigh almost 19 pounds and sprouting baby boobs and the heartiest thighs I have ever seen on a baby.

    What have you not done this week?


Kerry said...

Congratulations on Monkey's first crawl! I had to read about why you couldn't call your mother and tell her though. So sorry about her passing.

CityMom, CountryMom said...

Mommy and guilt go hand in hand. Hang in there... :)

Flea's Thoughts said...

awww my boy did his first crawl...did you get pictures? When do I see them?

((((((( hugs ))))))))) on the rest and gosh that recipe sounds good (chicken instead of eggplant though) :)

Khadra said...

Im so sorry about your mom :(
Congrats on the crawling though. You are on your way to never sitting down again!!!

McDowell Family said...

"Sprouting baby boobs" I laughed out loud!

It is hard when they grow up...enjoy every minute.

Anna said...

sounds like you deserved your favorite meal. yummy tomatoes! my little one outgrew her infant car seat at 6 months too...19.7 lbs and over 27 inches long. hang in there...they say time does heal but i just can't imagine how tough it must be. will be praying for peace for you.

Kameron said...

I lost my mom almost 7 years ago and the hardest part was that she never got to meet her grandbaby. Just enjoy every moment of the kids, that's what helps me keep smiling!