Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Precious Monkey and Religion

We went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and they had a couple pumpkin patches. I couldn't resist some photo ops of Monkey and the pumpkins.

During the drive over to downtown, (Ironically the location of the Farmer's market in Dallas), my husband and I were talking about church. Lately I have been thinking that church might be a good place for us to make some "family" friends, and also I think it is important for Monkey to be exposed. I also see so many people take so much comfort in their faith and I wonder if some exploration would be beneficial to me as well. I have to tell you, my faith is very slim right now. I would be hard pressed to explain with any confidence what I do believe in. I am still at a loss as to where to even start as it seems out requirements are pretty specific-
"Honey, I think we should look into church"
"I agree, I want Monkey to go to Sunday school"
"I don't want it to be all hell fire and brimstone though"
"What about Lutheran, it's like Catholic light"
"Ummm, maybe. I guess I would need to read up on it"
"I want to go early though. I want to be home in time for football"
"Ok - so like a 10 am service?"
"I was thinking 8:50"
"Really - you honestly think we can find a service that starts at 8:50? It isn't enough that we need to find a church that isn't overly religious, is non preachy, and now we need service to start at 8:50 to accommodate football"

Jeez! Any assistance would greatly be appreciated!


Flea's Thoughts said...

I am Christian but I withhold from offering up which type of church you should join. I believe when you walk in you know if it is fit for you!!!

Though most churches offer and early and late service. usually 8 and 11. Some even offer casual Saturday night services. Depending on the size of the church (large tends to be good for people trying to hide out in the crowd, smaller is more intimate but people tend to be more involved---again a comfort level thing) the childcare during service should be a good "pre" sunday school environment for monkey.


Khadra said...

We have had this conversation. We did research and we went with a unitarian universalist church. We both believe in God, want our kids exposed, but we have issues with organized religion and all the rules. It was the closest fit for us. We only went a couple of times but that had more to do with laziness than the actual church.