Friday, October 10, 2008

Monkey goes to bed!

These are pictures of Monkey in his co-sleeper. Last night he spent what we hope is the last night in our room. I will miss him, but I know it's time for all of us to try and get some sleep. And given my hearty guy is teetering on the edge of 18/19 lbs I know it is time to say good buy to night time feedings. He has started on solids and cereal and really is only waking up for some snuggles.
I do love the night time snuggles though. That's my quiet sweet mommy baby time. But I am embracing him growing older. I think we are taking it at the right pace. And if you can't tell from the picture - he is quickly growing out of room in his co-sleeper and almost able to crawl out of it, so there are safety reasons involved as well. And I must admit, I need some snuggles with my husband.
I will see how it goes, either way I will have something to write about next week!


Flea's Thoughts said...

He is the most adorable kiddo ever!!!