Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

It’s time for “Not me! Monday”, hosted by the always charming and due any day now MckMama. (We won’t mention that it is Tuesday.)

• I am not going to write my entire not mes list about my mom’s death. That would be morbid. I do have other things happening in my life at this time.

• I am not struggling at work today. I know people are only trying to show they care. I did not almost break down when I found an email from my mom from last summer. I am not going to have a difficult time not emailing my mom. I never exchanged a bazillion emails a day with her from work. I way too important and busy to have exchanged emails all day with my mother.

• I do not have a speech well rehearsed that explains the details and events of my mothers death. I have not already told it numerous times this morning. I am sure I could say it in my sleep.

• I did not pick out a scattering urn for my mom with my step-dad the other day. That would mean that she did really die. She was only 54 how could that have really happened.

• I am not completely breaking down and have to stop. This isn’t as cathartic as I had hoped.

• On a positive note – Monkey did not wake up every two hours and howl like a banshee. He has slept through the night for two nights straight!

What have you not done this week?


Flea's Thoughts said...

I have not given you a big ole HUG!!!!!

Yeah on Monkey not waking up, way to go!!!