Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My first acceptance speech

I was so honored to be identified by one of my other blog friends. Pam lives in the prettiest country I have ever seen through pictures. She is honest and charming, with a significant amount of grace. Our lives are so different and yet the same. I like to think all mothers share a bond of some sort. Pam challenged me to list 10 honest things, and make it interesting. I like to think I am an open book, but I can always share more. I have shared in the past, thanks to Khadra, so I think it's time to broaden that initial list of ten.

  1. I used to be considered a little mean and bitchy. Really I am terribly shy. I also have terrible vision, so often if I look like I am glaring, I am really just squinting.
  2. My mom died last year in October from an unexpected stroke. We had a love/hate relationship but there isn't a day I don't miss her. That relationship stems from her love of drugs when she was younger. My mom was able to turn her life around starting when I was 14. She was really able to nip her problem when I was 19.
  3. I have worked since I was 16. My very first job was in the mall for Swiss Colony. I had to stand in the middle of mall and ask people if they would like to try an incredible spreadable. I do still have a fondness and knowledge of cheese.
  4. One of the main reasons I left my home town of Reno is that I was being stalked. It was one of the most miserable points in my life. In order to move from Reno I had to leave Delicate Flower with my mom in Oregon for a few months.
  5. The fist time I went to Hawaii, it was to visit my Grandmother. While I was there she had a breakdown and tried to kill herself. My vacation ended very suddenly.
  6. Despite the downs in my life, I am a strong believer in keeping the past just that. If I didn't live this way I would hate for the rest of my life. I believe it is up to me to make positive decisions in my life for myself and my family.
  7. It is very difficult for me to make friends. Sometimes I convey a "know it all" approach that is really meant to be helpful. I just am not that successful in letting people know.
  8. I love my first son like no one else. He lives with his dad and that makes me feel guilty everyday. I never regret my first marriage, I regret the decisions I made after.
  9. I am not a hugger. You can always tell I consider you a close friend if I hug you. If I tell you I love you, I consider you part of my family.
  10. I would kill to be a SAHM, for a week. I love my job. I love my kids. I think we each need some time away. I am a better parent when I have some space. I am a better parent now than when I was 24. I despreately want a third child, and maybe a fourth. I feel that I am now ready for MSC. I feel like I am finally growing into the person I will become and I am pleased (-minus the weight gain)
I hate tagging people. If you choose to list some truths, please do so and let me know!


Khadra said...

I am not touchy feely either. I move away when family members try to kiss me. (not my husband, I mean extended family).

I am also very direct usually and blunt, which I imagine isnt a good thing to most people.

and you missed number 11...the truth about the stripper pole ;)

gracenotes95 said...

Hey Junita! I'm back with a new blog...come visit soon, we are still under construction, but this should be fun...take care!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

"Misplaced west coast girl living in Texas"...I like you. Your honesty is refreshing. I feel that same as you described in #10. Being around your kids 24x7 is difficult, to say the least. I always feel that I am a "better" and much more patient Mom after I have had a break...which sadly doesn't always happen very often, but you do what you can. :)


pam said...

I enjoyed your list.

I have missed your posts, is everything okay?

Jenners said...

Hi--I'm sorry I haven't been by for awhile but I am amazed at your honesty and willingness to put it out there. You've had quite a lot of heavy things happen to you, and I'm amazed that you seem to have come through it with yourself and a good spirit intact.

I see that you haven't been posting for a while so I hope all is well. I know you have an awful lot going on but I look forward to seeing more from you soon.

You did a bang-up job with this award and you deserve it and about 100 others.

Corrine said...

what an amazing list of experiences, and glad that you have been able to notice growth and enjoy who you are now..and totally understand the mimnus the weight gain thing...

in high school I was called a snob and it shocked me that anyone would think that, and later found out it was because I was shy...go figure...if only bogging existed back then, people would be able to truly understand people better I think.