Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday or a break has done me good

Oh jeez – I took a little blogcation (yes I am fully aware that isn’t a real word) accidentally on purpose. Thank you to everyone that expressed concern. I had been feeling a little overwhelmed and frankly a little sick of computers. I use one all day, by the time I get home I just didn’t have the energy to blog or read and comment on blogs. Work has been busier, or maybe I have just been working harder, but I just didn’t have the spare time there either. Anyway, explanations aside, I am back. You can be sure that while there are several things that I didn’t do, I just so happen to be close personal friends with the girl that did!

  • It was not me that has lost 12 ponds on Nutrisystem. It certainly isn’t me that has been filming her commercial in her head and quitting her job to become a full time spokesperson. And I never was able to pull off my double digit jeans without even unbuttoning them!

  • It isn’t Monkey that has been at least starting off the night in his crib. He does not wail like he is being pinched when we go in his room. My Monkey is a sleep expert!

  • It also wasn’t Monkey that acted like he was a dying seal all weekend, only to perk up the minute the Dr. examined him at the ER at 6:30 this morning. My husband and I didn’t feel like complete overreacting idiots. I would love to say that we at left with a prescription to validate our concerns, but not us.

  • Monkey never inhaled a piece of cinnamon toast like it was crack. He also hasn’t been found to be hoarding food in his chair. I never watched him throw a fit after I took away a little less than new banana. I am not completely concerned that his tantrums have been occurring with increasing frequency!

  • I would never be completely preoccupied with our 9 month old, so I don’t know whose baby can now wave and stand!

  • And just to let you know that even though we occasionally pay attention to Delicate Flower, it doesn’t matter, because it certainly wasn’t him that has been raising his failing grades to passing grades. Ah the miracle of actually turning in homework!

What haven’t you been up to lately? Not me! Monday was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


Jenners said...

Glad you are back! Good for you to recognize that you needed a break ... and this post was great! And yay for Delicate Flower! Good job kiddo!

Flea's Thoughts said...

WTG Nutrisystem Chica....I would so watch your commercial :) Also by your self-help book and make at least a few of your book tour stops (you have to do the full-on Valerie Bertanelli if you do it)

Heidi said...

Good for that girl on the Nurtisystem.... And I can relate to the person who took their kid to the ER only to have the seal turn back into a sweet child in front of the DR. I did it just about 2 weeks ago. Turns out getting them outside in the cold air fixes it. And the cinnamon toast, I have one of those Hoover Vacuums over here that sucks those things up too.

Khadra said...

hoarding food. I know this one well.

congrats on your weight loss! Does this mean R is leaving you alone about the Nutrisystem costs now?