Sunday, January 11, 2009

Urgh, Resolutions

Ok, so for a bit I had been blowing off resolutions. I am a project manager, one would think I love to make lists. Especially when there is a deliverable. But see, that's just it. I am so used to making lists and then making some sort of priority matrix, and then equating a $$$$, that I am almost incapable of a list in my real life. But that is just it, I do really love lists. I love to make lists that include lists. Unless I am requesting a big budget; I don't need money, so nothing was holding me back, just the fact that a list makes it real. It makes ME accountable; my turn. I am ok with that. But I will state these are goals. It's my own ego at risk. I can price that at any time. I am not doing a SOW(yeah you just guess that) with myself.
OK time for 2009 resolutions:

  • Dammit, I wish I had a bad drug habbit, oh I do. Its called food. I have an ass load of weight to loose. I needed to loose before the baby. I don't want to talk about what the baby and I added. Let's just say I started Nutrisystem.

  • I want to complete the 100 book reading challenge. Don't ask me how

  • Two family trips involving both boys

  • Two girls trip, one involving Kate

  • Reintroduce my body to yoga

  • Eliminate non-organic meat and vegetables. Introduce Monkey to only organic foods.

  • Meet five new friends (this scares me the most)

  • Start exercising 4 times per week

  • Put away laundry after it's done

Urgh, that's quite a list. And I don't have some equation to back it up. But, it's public. I am accountable to myself. My ego is at large. I challenge you to ask me how things are going. You are my justification, you are my inspiration. You have no expectations, and for me; that makes it necessary.

Kick my ass, be mean, ask me what I am doing to be healthy for you, for my sons, for anything. I am asking you to be my blog trainers.

If you haven't heard how I am doing, ask!
LOL -this so the PM in me, but I do need help. I ask you, my blog friends. Are you up for it?


Khadra said...

Im not sure I am up for it. I ate half a pound of fudge the other night. Im pretty sure that isnt in my weight watchers plan. sigh.

Willbe said...

I'll ask you how your doing if you ask me how Im training. Hows that? Dont get me wrong, I love to run, but its those long runs I need motivation for. Just remember, 95% of it is mental. I swear. (your going to be a knockout for PVR)