Monday, January 5, 2009

I swear there is more to me than Not Me!

Happy New Year! Where has the time gone? In the past two weeks I have worked a total of 4 days. One would think I had plenty of time to blog, but in between my Facebook games and the Wii, I have been way too busy. I know, selfish. I do feel a little guilty not capturing all the Christmas antics once they happened. But I guess I didn't feel guilty enough! I do however feel guilty that Not Me! Mondays have been my only regular post, so later when I do my resolutions I feel like I need to address that. I do have more to say than the things I never do! However, even though today is Tuesday, I still have some things that I should get off my chest before the metamorphosis kicks in and my guilt turns into shingles or something akin.

  • I have not decided that baby drool actually makes a good hair gel. It does not have the occasional added bonus of smelling like bananas. I did not declare the other day a good hair day after the baby was drooling and sucking on my hair. Monkey's hands do not have the exact technique as a rat comb.

  • It wasn't me that only mailed one Christmas card and all of my packages late. I am so organized and on top of things! It also wasn't me that paid an enormous amount for priority shipping so my Dad could have something to enjoy on Christmas.

  • I would never order Nutrisystem or gain 3 pounds over the holidays. I don't know what it is like to feel completely frustrated over the baby weight and additional weight. I am not a little depressed about it and feel like I should be on The Biggest Loser.

  • Monkey never would throw up on Daddy's face, getting some right in his mouth. If that did happen, my husband would never promptly get sick himself.

  • I am not in love with my new sheets. It is ridiculous to spend money on 600 thread count. I mean all you do is sleep on them.

  • Monkey is certainly not now spending all his sleeping time with us in the big bed. And the sheets I didn't buy; I would have never bought them considering my 8 month old's comfort factor in the never ending quest for a full nights sleep.

  • I am not convinced Monkey had ADD. He also did not devour a cookie like it was a drug and burst into tears when it was gone. He is such a great eater that he would never look at me like I poisoned him with the lasagna and then proceed to not open his mouth for the rest of the day. If that had happened he would certainly not drink 32oz of milk during the middle of the night. I don't give my baby a bottle at midnight or 2 he way too old!

Oh - I feel better all ready! What have you not done? Check out the list at My Charming Kids. Check out everything else too, I worship MckMama!


EmilytheCreative said...

I sooo feel you on the never ending quest for a good nights sleep. STILL searching for one myself.. 9 months and counting...

pam said...

Oh your poor husband. That I can honestly say, has never happened to me...yet.

Enjoy those sheets.

Khadra said...

the sheets sound great, although I have a feeling the pain YOU will feel when he pukes or his diaper leaks on those sheets is going to be big!!

welcome back to blog land :)