Monday, December 29, 2008

My solo Not Me! Monday

I'm not sure how I get by without Not Me! Monday at this point! I stopped going to confession long ago, and since I feel like MckMama is a little bit like a saint, I think this counts. This week has been especially trying fun. All my boys are home and hubby and I were off from work so we got some good quality fighting family time in.

  • My father did not join Facebook and post pictures of my potty training. He also did not find my blog! I will have to come up with a good name for him.

  • Delicate Flower who now prefers to be referred to as Q Dawg did not projectile vomit over everything within a five foot radius. It was not mostly Doritos and the floor is not forever tinted a lovely shade of pink.

  • Monkey did not develop sympathy sickness and develop an ear infection. The medicine did not give his bottom(from the diarrhea) such an awful rash I was tempted to let him go naked.

  • Monkey did not break the new necklace from my MIL. I am not going to try to trade it in for the charm bracelets that everyone else received and I have been coveting.

  • Monkey did not act like a fish in his first bath in the big bathtub. He did not scream when it was over even though he was shivering and his lips were blue.

  • Monkey has not become very comfortable sleeping with Mommy and Daddy.

What have you not done this week? Check out all the others'. I am sure with the holidays there are bound to be some doozies! Well crud - you can't check out the others, MckMama is not hosting today. Be sure to check back next week!


Khadra said...

Im so unmotivated today. I havent posted my not me's.

Q Dawg. Is that the one he decided on? LOL!

Jenners said...

Yay for Q Dawg! That is what I voted for!

Sounds MISERABLE over there! Anything to do with projectile vomiting and I am out the door.

And parents should NOT be on Facebook ... that just isn't right!

My parents still labor under the impression that the link to my blog I sent them was a one-time page they could see. They have never been back ... and it is just as well ... now I can write about them.