Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Sadly Monday is here and I am back at work. Fortunately I have Not Me! Monday to pass away the time and give me giggles. I am not saying I take some pleasure in other peoples misfortunes. That would be mean.

  • Monkey did not sample the following things; Christmas tree, ornament, cat food, carpet, receipt, and cat. (Yes cat) He is not obsessed with putting everything in his mouth in the effort to sooth his poor gums. I do not let him suck on my chin because that seems to make him happiest.

  • The fuel pump did not go out on hubby's truck. That would be a sucky thing to happen right before Christmas. Firestone did not quote us $1300. We did not then find out it was covered under warranty and have the car towed again. That would be silly. Who pays for two toes when the car is under warranty? Not us!

  • I did not go Christmas shopping yesterday only to come home with two pairs of shoes for myself. I am never that selfish.

  • I know MckMama said not to blog about my period, but that made me think I have still not had a period since Monkey. (I do have the Mirna IUD) LOL I did not just announce to the world what birth control I use.

  • Monkey will not be 8 months old tomorrow. He is not growing up tooo fast. He is not obsessed with standing and does not do laps in his playpen. He did not spend most of the week sleeping in our bed. Hubby is not convinced that he hates his crib. That would be silly. Why would it occur to us to even think Monkey hates his crib!

  • Monkey does not only eat when I sing Itsie Bitsie Spider. I do not encourage this by singing as many versions of the song. My Itsie Bitsie Spider rap did not crack up the baby and cause him to spit risotto at me.

  • Monkey did not pee on the floor when I was letting him crawl around naked. Who would be foolish enough to let a 7 month old baby crawl around the floor without a diaper. I certainly was not trying to catch cute naked baby moments.

What did you not do lately?


mommaof4wife2r said...

my sofie is 11 months today and i swear she has sampled more things in this house than any of the other 3...nuts! maybe it's bc everyone has everything everywhere!

Following Him said...

I just read your comment and wanted to let you know...that they were comfy pants without buttons or zippers, so it was farely easy with no tags as well.
Have a great day and I so am not laughing at your almost 8 month old and his actions!

forever folding laundry said...

Ha! I relate to your comment about Christmas shopping. That is a big problem for me as well. (Especially when I'm shopping online!) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Heidi said...

Ate the cat!!! Ha! That's funny. And I say go for it with the shoes. And Please Please Please record the rap so I can see it!

Khadra said...

I think we are going to need a video of the itsy bitsy spider rap. I will be looking for that post tomorrrow LOL!