Friday, December 26, 2008

Belated Merry Christmas

It was a Merry one! But after having two sick kids at home I am ready for a Happy New Year! I will have a bunch of not mes! Not that Delicate Flower would ever puck all over himself, the bed, the room, and anything else within projectile distance. The carpet will be forever pink from too many Doritos. Monkey had an ear infection. We think it was sympathy pains. But all things ended well. Delicate Flower is home with me for the holidays and I am trying to inspire the genius of John Hughes while we watch Weird Science. I can't wait to use my new food processor and whatever you do, wait for The Day the Earth Stood Still to come out on video. (We wasted our one grownup day!)

Oh I confessed to DF his nickname - his suggested names are: Q Dawg, Charlie, or RamQi - he requests a vote!


Jenners said...

Oh that is terrible that you've all been sick! Hope it gets better soon.

I vote for Q Dawg

Khadra said...

Im sorry everyone was sick :(
Q wants a name vote huh? LOL!! That is too funny.

Flea's Thoughts said...

Aunt Felicia votes for Q-Dog!