Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Where is the time going? Already a whole new weeks of things that never happened. Or if they did I wouldn't share. Check out the others on MckMama's list. I love honest denial.

  • We did not take Monkey for a second round of photos. If we had he certainly did not react like this.

  • I did not spend all week trying to make my blog Christmassy! I am a Project Manager for IT projects. Surely I have enough technical knowledge to do something like that in my sleep.

  • I did not just realize the mug on my desk is brewing some new life form. That would be gross. I am not putting off cleaning it because I know how gross it probably is. I will not probably wind up just throwing it away.

  • I did not buy more scrapbook supplies to add to the large pile of supplies I already don't use. I have not started on Monkey's baby book and I am not living in fear that my MIL will ask me. I do not pretend to love scrapbooking just to have something in common with my MIL.

What did you not do this week?


Khadra said...

oh Junita, the less we have in common with our MIL's the better! LOL!

Toss the mug, and then scrap book the crying Monkey pictures. This may be as close as you ever get him. I cant get Kayla (age 5) anywhere near Santa!

Erica said...

I throw away cups periodically when I find a really treasure somewhere, usually a sippy cup ( I just tossed our last one), but I wouldn't hesitate to throw away mug, unless it was expensive or sentimental. I still don't have my 9 yr old's baby book finished (let's not talk about the other 3)!

MommyRachelle said...

I too have begun science projects... in cups, in the fridge, and likely in places I have yet to discover. Perhaps when my daughter needs a project for school, I'll have expertise?

LOL about the scrap piles. My hoard fills a 10x10 room and I rarely get time to scrap...

The Martin Family said...

Many a dish has been disposed of in my house for that very reason--usually the plastic containers my daughter leaves in her lunch bag!!!! YUCK!

My 5 year old just sat on Santa's lap last year for the first time!! It will come. And then you will have more pics to scrap with your MIL (which would cause me to go over the deep end if I had to spend time w/ my MIL--doing anything!!!!!)

HAve a great week,

Flea's Thoughts said...

So you are a Scrapbook faker? LOL :)

I am telling!!! Ok so I am not but I have to say I love the pictures of Monkey :)