Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Thank goodness for MckMama's Not Me! Monday. (Am I the only one that thinks she is a celebrity and a bit of a superwoman?) I am at least guaranteed to post once a week! Between the crazy holiday season and the fact I reset my wireless I just haven't had the time! Who am I kidding - I always have the time, but I am too lazy to go into another room to use the computer at home. At work I am way too busy playing facebook games. I am a BUSY working woman! Give me a break! Sheesh! LOL - yes I am feeling a little dramatic today, but I bet you can't wait to read what I have not done this week.

  • I did not tell my MIL that Monkey peed and then spit up a little on her bed. (Her sheets were off.) I really don't feel any ill will to MIL, and Monkey did it on accident. It was not me that was letting him play naked while I got his clothes ready.

  • Speaking of Monkey, it was not me that he threw up on the middle of the night. That would mean he still isn't sleeping and when he sleeps, he sleeps in our bed. I would never let a 8 month old baby still sleep in bed with his parents when he isn't nursing.

  • It is not me that has not finished Christmas shopping. Nor did I mail out packages today. I can say with certainly they WILL NOT get there by Christmas!

  • Delicate Flower arrived for the holidays and it is not my 13 yr child that is now 5'10". He also wasn't invited to tour the gifted and talented high school. Since my son is not failing all of his classes - I wouldn't have been surprised.

Ok - enough for today. I am not going to spend the rest of the day reading blogs and trying to finally upload some pictures of my tree that I am IN LOVE with!

Happy Holidays everyone!


Khadra said...

Im so glad I can read your blog again!! YAY!!

Welcome home Delicate Flower!! I cant wait to see your tree too!

And, um, can you send Monkey to MY MIL's house so he can puke and pee on HER?

LucieP said...

amazing how kids have this *uncanny timing?!

Following Him said...

Gotta love kiddos! Love your post :)

Erica said...

Great post! And don't move your computer to a common area or you might just find yourself on it to much, but I wouldn't know ;)!

Jenners said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!!
Hope all the sickness disappears!!